Parts for 6" Divider DK6   $19.75

Parts for 8" Divider DK2   $21.60

Parts for all  dividers DK3   $14.35

Plastic mallets PM4   $22.10

Plastic mallets PM5   $21.52

Plumb Bob Brass 10oz.   $16.70

Plumb Bob Brass 12oz.   $20.20

Plumb Bob Brass 16oz.   $24.15

Plumb Bob Brass 24oz.   $39.65

Plumb Bob Brass 8oz.   $15.60

Plumb Bob Tajima PZB-400   $31.49

$36.50 $35.10

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pool table

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pool table   $36,000.00
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pool table

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Protractor manual #34   $12.85
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Protractor manual #34

General’s heavy duty steel protractors are trusted by machinists and draftsmen worldwide to deliver crucial measurements with unwavering accuracy. The 6” adjustable arm is ideal for setting bevels, taking measurements and transferring angles. Ultra-fine etched graduations read from 0 to 180 degrees in forward and reverse directions, and will not wear or rub off. Made of ground stainless steel for precision and durability.

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