Deburring 2 wheel D2   $21.20
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Deburring 2 wheel D2

Deburring tool for sheet metal  

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Deburring Noga D1   $19.35

Roper Whitney 793 Seamer   $62.35
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Roper Whitney 793 Seamer

   Roper Whitney Model 793 w/ grips  Hand Seamer  throat depth: 1”3 1/2" wide blade with adjustable depth gauge 

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#5 JR Roper Whitney punch kit   $87.35
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#5 JR Roper Whitney punch kit

  Portable Hand Punch & Die Set Throat Depth: 1-3/4”

·          Complete with 7 punches & dies

·          3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32"

·          Use in steel, aluminum, plastic and leather

·          2400 lbs. punching power

·          Compact design

·          Easy to change tooling

·          Built to lastAdjustable depth gauge




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Center Punch   $3.65
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Center Punch

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6" Stainless steel Ruler   $7.35

Snip Aviation  L-R-S KLENK   $62.30
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Snip Aviation L-R-S KLENK


Set of Three Snips with wire cutters

Left #SL8

Right #SR8

Straight snips#SS8


Klenk ® Serrationless Aviation Snips
Smooth Cut - Non-serrated BladeGet the extra leverage and cutting power of a compound-action aviation snip with the smooth cut of a traditional pattern snip. Klenk’s new smooth, non-serrated blade leaves no teeth marks in the metal. Now available in right-cut, left-cut, and straight-cut models!An Essential Tool for Architectural Metalwork

Perfect for architectural metals copper, brass and pre-coated metals where a smooth cut edge is needed. Also recommended for zinc metals, which are used extensively in the building industry in roofing, flashing and weatherproofing applications

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234 Awl scriber   $4.85

Vise Grip 8R   $17.65

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Malco A3   $9.65
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Malco A3

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Quick set Malco Divider 18"   $16.56
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Quick set Malco Divider 18"

Quick set 18" Divider 

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